Perfectly Engineered Coffee

Our values are present in every single cup

Coffee Island is based on a strong foundation: A passion for coffee.

We believe in coffee’s importance. We invest in research into the science behind it. We source green beans from farms all over the world. We create unique blends. We find the ideal roast curve for each and every coffee, applying meticulous attention to detail.


Passion, dedication, and investment in coffee: these are our values, and they take us around the world on a quest of discovery. We meet with people who, despite having a different culture, share our values. And we do this in order to deliver high-quality coffee to your cup every single day.


We practice direct trade, meaning we work directly with producers and cooperatives. We have mutually beneficial relationships with individual farmers, and help in the improvement of their lives and the lives of their communities. We are in pursuit of farms that not only produce coffee, but develop coffee culture.


At Coffee Island, we roast our own specialty coffee. We call it “specialty” because rigorous testing shows every single batch to be of exceptional quality.

And that happens because we purchase exceptional coffee, and then apply exceptionally practices to its processing.

Artisan roasting allows us to show off every single coffee’s unique characteristics in the best possible way. We man the flames to maintain the ideal temperature right until we hear the “first crack”. We use all our senses to uncover the multiple unique aromas hiding within each individual bean, and then we give them the attention they deserve.


We do all this by constantly checking, measuring, and analysing our coffee – not to mention training our staff! We are coffee scientists, and it’s our scientific methods and attention to detail that turn our beans into “perfectly engineered coffee”.






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Perfectly Engineered Coffee

The Cappuccino Cookbook from Coffee Island

Every cup of coffee is a unique experience. And like the best things in life, it’s one that’s meant to be savoured. Black, white, with or without sugar – the perfect brew is entirely up to you. But for a sure bet, the combination of coffee and milk never disappoints. You may already be familiar with the intensely flavourful treat known as cappuccino. It may be the world’s most popular coffee beverage, delighting caffeine lovers with different variations and preparations. Yet, the foundation remains the same everywhere.

Our philosophy

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We believe and invest, in the science of coffee!

At Coffee Island everything is done scientifically, with great attention to detail… from picking the beans from the best farms, to continuous supervision and staff training.