Perfectly Engineered Coffee

The Cappuccino Cookbook from Coffee Island

Every cup of coffee is a unique experience. And like the best things in life, it’s one that’s meant to be savoured. Black, white, with or without sugar – the perfect brew is entirely up to you. But for a sure bet, the combination of coffee and milk never disappoints.

You may already be familiar with the intensely flavourful treat known as cappuccino. It may be the world’s most popular coffee beverage, delighting caffeine lovers with different variations and preparations. Yet, the foundation remains the same everywhere.

The Story of Cappuccino

The story of cappuccino begins in the 18th century, when its original form was conceived in Vienna. From there, it quickly spread to the rest of Europe and across the globe, taking on different influences over the years. Today, cappuccino is more loved than ever.

So what’s the secret to cappuccino’s long-standing success? Its appeal lies in the precise measurements of ingredients that provide an endless variety of flavour profiles.

At Coffee Island, we have a special love and preference for Cappuccino, Cappuccino Latte and our favourite, Flat White. Three recipes, three tastes, one pleasure – meet our Cappuccino Family.

Cappuccino Coffee Island – Common Value

Take one-part espresso and one-part warm, frothy milk, and you get a delicious coffee treat without the guilt. The milk adds a sweetness and volume to the body, and at the correct volume, it creates a smooth cream that retains the acidity of the espresso. The result is a sweeter, smoother and creamier beverage that enchants from start to finish.

Coffee Island Latte – Milky Value

Latte means milk in Italian, but it first appeared in the United States. It’s the perfect beverage for anyone who likes a lot of milk with their coffee, or perhaps, a little coffee with their milk. The main difference between a latte and classic Cappuccino is simply the amount of milk used and the intensity of flavour. Latte is usually served in a larger glass and has a stronger taste of milk than coffee.

Flat White – Intense Value

Cappuccino is becoming more modern and intense with a significant difference to our other recipes. In our flat white, we use ristretto, which takes the normal amount of espresso, extracted at the same time, but with a half the amount of water. If you’re looking to add intensity to your day, this is the drink for you!  For a finishing touch, our baristas can create latte art on the frothy milk as it settles on the coffee’s surface.

At Coffee Island, we love coffee with character. We’re driven by our passion for unique recipes and production methods that will complete our flavour profile. That’s why we search for new coffee tasting experiences based on quality. We don’t need to hide our recipes; we share our expertise because we believe a perfectly engineered cup of coffee is priceless.

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Our philosophy

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We believe and invest, in the science of coffee!

At Coffee Island everything is done scientifically, with great attention to detail… from picking the beans from the best farms, to continuous supervision and staff training.