Artisan Roasting

Artisan Roasting – The Science Behind Perfectly Engineered Coffee!

A lot of science goes into a good cup of coffee. Every step of the journey involves strict processes.

At Coffee Island, we start from the ground up. Working in direct trade with our famers around the world we make sure to receive only the best quality beans.

Once the beans are in our hands we carefully measure the coffee’s moisture content. Then we adjust accordingly our profiles and we get roasting! This essential step reveals the complex characteristics and rich tastes of each bean.

Every one of our coffee beans is unique! We pick varieties from all over the world, and each fruit is processed in their own way.

From there, we choose the best roasting method and blend to showcase the essence of every variety – its unique flavours and aromas – so that our final product provides the perfect tasting experience.

What does ‘artisan’ roasting really mean?

Artisan involves skilled personnel using their dedication and experience to reach the level of an artist! Our artisan roasters are experts in all things coffee. From bean to cup, they love to do things by hand.

Historically, artisan comes from the Latin ‘artire’, literally ‘instruct from the arts’. Today, we use this term to signify that the production process is supervised by an expert in the field, and that parts of this process are done by hand.

We combine our experience, knowledge, artistry and the latest technology to balance large scale production with the artisanal approach of a small master roaster.

How do we roast at Coffee Island?

Roasting relies on people! Our expert Sample Roaster tries and selects the best roasting curve depending on the coffee variety so that he can bring out all the characteristics of the green coffee bean samples we bring in.

We use modern machinery to better control the processes, but as with everything, it is the human touch which makes the difference. We regulate the flame, control the temperature, feel the aroma, listen for the first crack and check the colour.

Who does our coffee roasting?

Our team expresses the philosophy of our company through their artistry and experience with a deep knowledge of coffee, high inspiration and work ethic. Coffee is our obsession. We measure, evaluate and measure again.

Working with coffee is the experience of a lifetime! Learning its secrets can also take a lifetime – a journey of constant improvement – which our team embodies with constant evolution and education.

Stay tuned to meet our team and hear about further secrets and artisan practices!

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Artisan Roasting

Become a coffee expert with our training courses!

Coffee Island - Training courses In downtown London, there is a place that holds many secrets to delicious coffee brewing. Walking Covent Garden, you can spot our coffee shop on 5 Upper St Martin's Ln, a place that is everything a coffee nerd has ever dreamt of. Memories of childhood dreams begin to flood in as the smell of freshly brewed coffee emanates from a weird brewing device on the bar. What kind of sorcery is that? Someone might think.
Artisan Roasting

Christmas in a cup!

The countdown to Christmas begins! It’s that time of year for yuletide decorations, evergreens and sweet treats, festive colours, bright lights, family time and carols in the streets. And what better way to stay cosy this season than with a hot cup of brew from Coffee Island?

Our philosophy

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We believe and invest, in the science of coffee!

At Coffee Island everything is done scientifically, with great attention to detail… from picking the beans from the best farms, to continuous supervision and staff training.